Vocalis for Fleet Operators

Track Your Fleet and Stay in Touch

Convert your everyday smartphone to PTT (push-to-talk) and use it when driving. Device must be mounted in a cradle in most states. Vocalis also works with any unlocked cellphone or PoC tablet or cellular radio (Android preferred). For a total solution select a VOCX5 or a VOC100 network radio with network agnostic SIM cards and airtime.

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Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical

Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors can all use Vocalis to increase their overall service efficiency. Paired with Datalink’s Job Dispatch application your PoC devices can also be used for getting job assignments to your employees.

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Heavy Equipment

Vocalis is ideal for heavy duty trucking. If they are not on local VHF/UHF radios they are limited to cellphones which are illegal to use while in motion. Vocalis provides push-to-talk with supervisors, other drivers, and the base office.

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Liquid Cement

Liquid cement must be delivered quickly. GPS shows you every truck’s location once a minute. When you need to reroute a truck, Vocalis provides two-way voice communications at all times with the press of a button.

Steering wheel inside truck with Anysecu 4G-W2 on dash

Featured Highlights

  • Part-time workers can download Vocalis to their personal phones

  • Service vehicles can use a VOC100 mobile or VOCX5 with a window cradle for legal, safe PTT and job dispatching

  • Great for social service case workers with a built-in silent SOS button

  • Multi-network SIMs provide open borders between USA, Canada, and Mexico

  • The ideal solution for security patrols - SOS button with instant GPS

  • Use the NFC feature in the VOCX5 to verify patrol point locations

Vocalis Dispatch Software

Vocalis DC is dispatching software that installs on any Windows computer in office or mobile. It is ideal for field supervisors. Providing two-way voice, GPS, and messaging that is linked to all mobile and remote staff and assets. In addition to Vocalis DC, Job Dispatcher is included with Vocalis. An easy-to-use, on-the-fly task or job assignment program with record storage.

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Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.
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