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With video capture, emergency alerts, and NFC patrol points, every part of your security is enhanced. Video can be captured by security personel and stored in the cloud for later use.

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Task Assignment

You can quickly and easily assign tasks to staff. They can instantly be alerted on their Vocalis device. Allowing tasks to be quickly and efficiently attended to.

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Full Coverage

Mixing in-house WiFi with cellular coverage means you get the best coverage for your entire property. No matter your location  you will be able to communicate.

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Regularly scheduled maintenance is easy to keep up with using Vocalis and WebGate. Sensors can monitor equipment and maintenance can be assigned to those best suited for the job.

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Cellular and WiFi PoC and Messaging

Vocalis by Datalink provides hotels and resorts with a state of the art cellular and WiFi communications system. Vocalis also provides a silent and discrete method of assigning tasks to all staff. In an emergency situation senior staff members can be instantly instructed, wherever they are over local WiFi or wide area cellular networks, with automatic selection of networks.

 Datalink's Vocalis goes beyond LMR based hotel staff paging and dispatching systems with voice and text. Vocalis includes live video incident capture throughout the hotel, grounds, and beyond for management and general staff communications using the latest smart phone technologies.

Vocalis automatically time stamps and stores voice, video, and NFC building checks. The system stores all records inbound and outbound information in an SQL database. An important advantage over voice communications where incidents including video have to be reviewed at a later date. As an example, when a request to service a room is issued there is a record of the request to housekeeping, acknowledgement, and completion time all stored in a database.

Vocalis provides instant silent text messages where voice calls can be disruptive in conference halls, dining or banquet rooms and private meetings. It is perfect for security calls where covert messaging is mandatory.

 PoC is Push to Talk over Cellular

 Video Capture

When any staff member with an Ulefone observes an incident occuring, a live video can capture the scene which is automatically stored in the Vocalis cloud server for later recall.

 Silent Emergency Alerts

Vocalis allows staff members to silently activate a high level emergency alert. The Vocalis software can be programmed to broadcast the details to specific managers throughout the property in seconds. A press of the SOS button alerts those members immediately followed quickly with additional details when entered by the employee at the location.

 Hotel Security

The Ulefone has a built-in NFC reader allowing security personnel to walk around the hotel checking doors and other areas such as parking garages. The guard simply touches each station's wall tag which logs date and time the check was performed.

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Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.
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